About Us

Middletown Pharmacy & Wellness is a locally-owned pharmacy located in Louisville, Kentucky in the Middletown neighborhood. We are a local, pharmacists-owned and operated independent pharmacy that take great pride in providing the best service and patient care to all of our customers. We realize how impersonal retail pharmacy has become so we set out to change the way you get receive pharmacy care. We believe that health and happiness go hand-in-hand so we are here as your health liaison, your health advisor, your friend, and your family. 

We offer many customized services to our patients and our prescribers. Our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to medication and wellness. We offer prescriptions, immunizations, point-of-care-testing services, functional wellness consultations, medication therapy management, professional wellness supplements, delivery, and so much more.

Our highly-trained pharmacists and staff members are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your medications and health. At Middletown Pharmacy & Wellness, we care about you and your family. Our goal is to bring back the  Mom and Pop Independent Pharmacy feel of the good days to Middletown. When you come in our store or call us, you get us! 

Middletown Pharmacy & Wellness is also focused on being as environmentally-friendly as possible. We follow through with this by limiting our carbon footprint as much as we can via: recycling, utilizing biodegradable prescription bottles, offering a free water-refill station to our customers, and supporting other companies that also follow these same beliefs. 

Middletown Pharmacy and Wellness is a proud member of the Middletown Chamber of Commerce. Supporting our local community is at the heart of what we do!

Would you like to promote your local organization or business? Please stop by to take a selfie with Dr. Tara or Chuck, and post your business card on the community board. We would love to support you via our Facebook Page: Middletown Pharmacy and Wellness.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Tara Schneider, PharmD., is a third generation SWOSU Bulldog who earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, OK. She is an experienced pharmacy leader with a demonstrated history of providing and implementing clinical services in the healthcare industry. Her desire to improve patient outcomes through prevention and education instead of prescriptions is the foundation for her practice. She is passionate about helping patients exceed their health goals through wellness services.

After a life changing diagnosis of cancer at the young age of 30, Dr. Tara looked for ways to optimize her health span which lead her to Functional Medicine and Pharmacogenomics. Her mission is to empower patients to optimize their health span to prevent or reverse chronic illness so they can thrive well into their 70's and 80's. 

With an optimistic heart, she sees a future where pharmacists work directly with physicians to provide patient focused medication services and monitoring to advance the health of their communities. 

Dr. Tara has been voted by her pharmacy peers and patients as a top "50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy" in the World 2022, 2023. She also has also been published in APhA Pharmacy Today, Total Pharmacy, Drug Topics and American College of Apothecaries. She has been a guest on many National Podcast and has her own show on the Pharmacy Podcast Network, POCTalk, where she talks about how independent pharmacy is the backbone of the community and how pharmacists in the USA have the ability to change the trajectory of patient care through early testing and diagnosis. She is also the top voice on LinkedIn for Point of Care Testing. 

Her and her husband, Chuck, are also the owners of The Point of Care Testing Institute, where their mission is to empower independent pharmacy owners to work at the top of their license to provide much needed testing services to their local communities.  Dr. Tara and Chuck enjoy running, cooking on Sunday nights, and visiting National Parks.