About Us

Middletown Pharmacy & Wellness is a locally-owned pharmacy located in Louisville, Kentucky in the Middletown neighborhood. We are family-owned and run and we take great pride in providing the best service and patient care to all of our customers. We realize how impersonal retail pharmacy has become so we set out to change the way you get you and your family's medicine. We believe that health and happiness go hand-in-hand so we are here as your health liaison, your health advisor, your friend, and your family. 

We offer many customized services to our patients and our prescribers. Whatever we can do make your life easier when it comes to medicine and health, we will do our best at! We offer prescriptions, immunizations, medication therapy management, delivery, shipping, specialty wellness supplements, and so much more. Our highly-trained pharmacist and staff members are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your medications and health. At Middletown Pharmacy & Wellness, we care about you and your family and hope to bring a new dynamic to the retail pharmacy scene. 

Middletown Pharmacy & Wellness is also very focused on being as environmentally-friendly as possible. We follow through with this by limiting our carbon footprint as much as we can via: recycling, limiting our retail beverages to non-plastic containers, utilizing biodegradable prescription bottles, offering a free water-refill station to our customers, and supporting other companies that also follow these same beliefs. 


Meet Our Pharmacist

Mary Boggess is a 2016 graduate of Sullivan University College of Pharmacy in Louisville, KY. She has worked in the pharmacy industry since 2009 when she started as a pharmacy technician. She worked at an independent pharmacy in her hometown of Murray, KY before going to pharmacy school and realized that was the environment she wanted to practice pharmacy in. After graduating pharmacy school, Mary worked as a staff pharmacist for 4.5 years before opening Middletown Pharmacy & Wellness. She is married to her husband, Brandon, who owns a collision repair shop in Middletown as well. Mary and Brandon have two children, Mila, age 4 and Olivia, age 1.5. Mary has a passion for helping people and making a difference in the lives around her.